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MANDO人 MSYC (Mando Shenyang China) Delivers Year-end Gifts to Employees as Part of Gratitude Sharing
2017-11-10 Hit 512

MSYC prepared small gifts to show its gratitude to the employees and suppliers&rsquo employees who have worked hard this year.

In China, there&rsquos a saying, &ldquoMinyishiiweitian,&rdquo which is similar to the Korean saying &ldquoIn any situation, eating comes first.&rdquo So MSYC prepared Wuchang rice, a specialty of Dongbei, China, as a thank-you gift, wishing for employees to be healthy and always have a generous heart.

In the afternoon of November 10, MSYC leaders including head Kuk Kyeong-pyo expressed thanks and distributed the gifts to employees.

With this activity, the employees could feel warm the consideration of their company and sense of belonging. MSYC will continuously carry out various activities for the improvement of employees&rsquo welfare and corporate culture.