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Management Mando Softtech India Hosting the Twelfth Anniversary Ceremony
2017-11-03 Hit 561

On November 3, Mando Softtech India (MSI) commemorated its twelfth anniversary ceremony (originally July 22). The staff moved from the company office to the nearby resort of Botanix Nature to celebrate the all-day event.

All MSI staff members at the event received Chaach, a traditional Indian drink, also referred to as buttermilk.

The event started with the laughter challenge, copycat, hoops away, which are fun activities designed to let participants open their minds and form closer bonds. Following the games were team building activities to increase teamwork, cooperation, and trust.

After lunch, all participants actively participated in tunnel ball, threw water bombs, enjoyed a treasure hunt and other games to receive prizes.

After the program, a ceremony was held to acknowledge the staff members with long years of service. A dance and dinner party followed, and all MSI employees ended the day singing songs and dancing.